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4 Ravishing Red Gemstones for Ladies who Love a Touch of Red

The color red is associated with passion, warmth, boldness, and romance. This color has a special significance all over the world. In Asia, it represents good fortune. Chinese associate this color with joy and prosperity and so do the Indians. The wedding dress of Indian brides is mostly found in different shades of red. Latin and Hispanic cultures associate red with bravery and heroism while Russians link it with honor and beauty. 

Wearing red gemstones is believed to recharge you physically and mentally and bring a surge of strength and motivation. Red jewellery sets you apart from the others. The bold and bright red gemstones combined with sparkling white diamonds make for a captivating combination. 

This article is for you if you like to wear or are considering purchasing red gemstone jewellery. We have compiled a list of 4 red gemstones best suited for your jewellery needs. 

Red Gemstones Ideal for Everyday Wear

The below mentioned red gemstones are the best choice for jewellery. All these stones rate at least 6.5 on the Mohs hardness scale. This makes them resistant to scratches and hard to damage. With regular cleaning, these gemstones can be worn daily and will stay with you for decades to come. 

1. Rubies

Rubies are among the most known gemstones all over the world along with diamonds and emeralds. Ruby is referred to as the ‘King of Stones’ in Sanskrit, the ancient Indian language. Rubies are extremely durable stones with a hardness of 9 in the Mohs hardness scale, just behind diamonds. Ruby is made of mineral corundum that contains chromium, which imparts the ruby its distinct red color and fluorescence. Rubies are valued for their rich multidimensional shades which sparkle when viewed from different angles and shine brilliantly in the sunlight. Rubies are rare and have to usually undergo a heat treatment to enhance and improve their red tones. This also increases their price greatly. Oval and cushion cuts are considered the most preferred cuts for these beautiful gemstones.

Significance of Rubies and their Meaning

Rubies are considered gemstones for royalty due to their rich dark color. These also signify purity, passion, and noble character. Rubies are also used for protection. Wearing it on your left finger or wrist as a ring or bracelet is said to bring joy and passion to its wearer. Ruby is also the birthstone for July and the gift of choice for the 40th wedding anniversary. 

2. Red Garnets

Red garnets are known to humans since biblical times. It is said that garnets were used to project the light during the Great Flood. These were also found in the ancient Egyptian and Chinese archaeological sites. Garnets possess high brilliance and clarity and are comparatively bigger than rubies. These stones usually come in brownish red color but can be found in nearly all colors depending on their composition. Red garnets are named differently as per their shades and tones. Almandine garnets possess a brownish-red color while Rhodolite have a purple-red shade, pyropes are darker and more intense in color while Spessartite have a more orange hue. Among red garnets, pure red pyropes are more costly than others but still affordable. 

Significance of Red Garnets and their Meaning

Wearing red garnets as gemstones are believed to bring happiness and true love to the wearer. Red garnet is supposed to bestow irresistible charm and raise the self-confidence levels of the wearer. These are durable stones and easy to care for. Red garnets can be worn year-round and are the birthstone for the January-born people. 

3. Red Spinels

Red Spinel is a gemstone with a striking similarity to rubies. A spinel that was mistaken for ruby is encrusted on the British Crown and named Black Prince’s ruby. Spinels were known to humans for centuries. Spinels were found in a tomb in Afghanistan which dated back to around 100 BC. Red spinels are durable gemstones known for their exceptional brilliance. The cushion cut is considered the most preferred cut for these beautiful gemstones.

Significance of Red Spinels and their Meaning

Wearing red spinel jewellery is believed to increase vitality, stamina, and youthfulness, and bring passion to the wearer. It is also supposed to bestow a long life to the wearer and make him selfless. Red spinel is also the birthstone for the August-born. 

4. Rubellites

Rubellites also look similar to rubies. These are also known as ‘the rainbow that fell into the earth’. A rubellite that was mistaken for a ruby was gifted by Julius Caesar to Cleopatra. It was even named ‘Caesar’s Ruby’. Rubellites are tourmalines that come in saturated purple-red tones with a tinge of pink, brown, and violet in them. Trace amounts of manganese in the crystalline structure of tourmalines give it this distinct red color. Rubellites are beautiful, bright, vivid, and affordable gemstones that have certain natural inclusions. Emerald, Oval, and cushion cuts are considered the most preferred cuts for these gorgeous gemstones. These are the most expensive of all the tourmalines.

Significance of Rubellites and their Meaning

Wearing rubellites is believed to bring cheer and happiness to the wearer. This gemstone is also supposed to cure depression, heal emotional wounds and increase the power of self-expression. New age healers even believe that rubellites help to expand the mind and broaden its horizons. These are also the preferred gemstones for gifting on the 8th wedding anniversary and the birthstone for the October-born natives. 

Ready for Red Gemstone Jewellery Collection

These are some of the gorgeous red gemstones jewellery offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE. These are handcrafted pieces of art conceptualized by our in-house designers and brought to form lovingly by our skilled and supremely talented artists.

a. Ankara Diamond and Ruby Ring

 This beautiful ring named after the Turkish capital is made of 14K yellow gold with a total stone weight of 0.48 ct of high-quality natural diamonds and rubies. 

b. Majorca Diamond and Ruby Ring

This striking ring named after the tourist haven of Spain is made of 14K yellow gold with a total stone weight of 0.31 ct of high-quality natural diamonds and rubies. 

c. Amalfi Diamond and Red Garnet (Rhodolite) Ring

Our designers outdid themselves with this creation. Named after the scenic coast of Italy, this ring is made of 14K yellow gold with a total stone weight of 0.26 ct of premium quality natural diamonds and red garnets. 

d. Amalfi Diamond and Red Garnet (Rhodolite) Pendant

Named the same as above, this beautiful pendant is made of 14K yellow and white gold with a total stone weight of 0.20 ct of top-quality natural diamonds and red garnets. 

e. Turin Diamond and Red Garnet (Rhodolite) Ring

Named after the cultural hub of Italy, this masterpiece is made of 14K yellow and white gold with a total stone weight of 1.01 ct of high-quality natural diamonds and Rhodolite stone. 

f. Rhodes Diamond and Red Garnet (Rhodolite) Ring

Named after the beautiful island in Greece, this unique ring is made of 14K white gold with a total stone weight of 0.65 ct of premium quality natural diamonds and Rhodolite stone. 


Hope you loved our article about the 4 ravishing red gemstones for ladies. AËLRA JOAILLERIE offers a wide range of beautiful and unique diamond and gemstone jewellery. The gemstones include Rubies, Garnet, Rhodolite, Sapphires, Rose Quartz, Tanzanite, Blue Topaz, Peridot, Emeralds, Tourmaline, Citrine, and Amethyst in different color tones. The jewellery includes several classic and original designs of rings, pendants, necklaces, and earrings set in hallmarked yellow, white, and red gold. To buy zodiac gemstone jewellery for yourself or your loved ones, do browse through our collection of gemstone jewellery.  


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