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What is a Peridot Gemstone?

Peridot is a beautiful and vividly yellowish-green gemstone that is sourced from the peridotite rock and is part of the olivine family. It is named after the French word “Péridot”, which means gold. It is also said to be derived from “Faridat”, the Arabic word for gem. 

The earliest mention of peridot gemstone dates back to ancient Egypt around 300 B.C. It was mined on an island called Zabargad on the Red Sea and was lovingly referred to as a “gem of the sun” due to its yellowish-green hue. Ancient Romans called this gemstone “evening emerald” as the presence or absence of light will not alter its color. The beautiful 200 carats green gemstones at the shrine of Three Holy Kings in Germany’s Cologne Cathedral are peridots, though they were confused with emeralds for centuries. 


Peridot gemstone comes in a narrow color range. The color of peridot may range from brownish-green to yellowish-green and pure green color. The lowest quality is of brownish-green color while the highest quality peridots are pure green with no traces of brown or yellow. An interesting quality is that the color of the peridot will be of uniform one color. This is determined by the iron content in the stone. Peridot gemstones with low iron content have a darker green shade and are the most valuable. Minerals having this type of quality are called idiochromatic minerals. But most common peridots are of yellowish-green color.  

Chemical Composition of Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is also called chrysolite. It belongs to the olivine mineral family and is composed of iron and magnesium. This stone is often found in basalt, a type of volcanic rock that is rich in iron and magnesium.

What Does Peridot Represent and Signify?

Ancient people believed that peridots contained rays of the sun within themselves, therefore it was called the” gem of the sun”. Peridot is supposed to provide protection from evil and also prevent nightmares while sleeping. Wearing peridot gemstone raises the positive energy, strength, and inner balance of the wearer. It brings peace, health, and good cheer to the wearer. It is also the birthstone for August-born and should be given as a 16th-anniversary gift. 

Health Benefits of Wearing Peridot Gemstone

Peridot is supposed to stimulate metabolism and improve liver and gallbladder functions. It has detoxifying properties, restores vitality, and treats skin conditions. Due to these healing properties, wearing it is supposed to reduce weight, cure the digestive system, treat allergies and improve nutrient absorption by the body. 

Where is Peridot Gemstones Found?

Peridot belongs to the Olivine mineral family and is found all around the world. It is mined in the USA, Mexico, Hawaii, Finland, and Myanmar. Tanzania, Australia, Norway, and Egypt produce high-quality peridots. But the highest quality peridot is mined in China and Pakistan. 

Types of Highest Quality Peridot Gemstones

3 types of highest quality peridots are sourced for Southeast Asia. These are mentioned below.

  1. Changbai Peridot

The Changbai Peridots are mined from the Changbai Mountain Range situated between Northeast China and North Korea. These peridots have deep green hues with vibrant yellow tones. These large and highest quality peridots have no inclusions and are an average size of a carat. 

  1. Hunan Peridot

Hunan peridots are mined from Hunan province in China. Hunan peridot has great clarity and vibrant yellow tones. If it is finely cut then it gives off brilliance similar to the diamonds. These high-quality peridot gemstones are also nearly a carat in size. 

  1. Pakistani Peridot

Pakistani Peridots are mined from the Pakistan-occupied area of Kashmir. It has a beautiful light and bright color with an apple and lime-green shade with subtle gold undertones. It is used for making beautiful jewelry items.


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