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Acquire Beautiful Round Earrings or Studs

Earrings are an essential piece of jewellery that can transform your overall look. Round earrings are classic and have always maintained their popularity. They look beautiful and elegant and can be tried as a combination with several jewellery pieces. These can be worn anytime, whether they be during office hours, a formal occasion, or attending a casual event. Diamond earrings are the most popular round earrings. These may feature either a single diamond or several small diamonds which sit snugly against the earlobe. Let us explore studs in detail in the next section.

Some More Information about Studs

Studs also known as earring tops are classic and versatile earrings designed for all occasions. These are usually small and sit flat on the ear without any extensions going upwards, downwards, or reaching backward. Studs are made up of a head that holds the gemstone in place and a metal post or bar that is held in place by a backing. Usually, only the head is visible and the backing and the bar are invisible. This gives the appearance of studs as hovering or floating on the earlobe. Another variation may feature a cluster of small stones instead of a single gemstone which are called cluster earrings. For starting a personal jewellery collection, start with a pair of diamond stud earrings. These can be worn anytime and paired with any type of outfit. 

Who Can Choose Round Shape Earrings?

The most common face types are oval, heart, diamond, round, rectangular, and square shapes. Let us look at which face type suits the round-shaped stud earrings.

 1. Oval Shaped Face 

The oval-shaped type has balanced features with slight elongation and foreheads and chins of even proportions. Due to their balanced features, they can accommodate any shape of earrings but round-shaped earrings look especially good as they balance the slight elongation of an oval face to perfect symmetry. 

 2. Heart Shaped Face

A heart-shaped face has a wider forehead compared to the chin. Round shape earrings look amazing for this face type as they draw attention to the high cheekbones. 

 3. Diamond Shaped Face

A diamond-shaped face has an angularity that features a narrow forehead and chin with beautiful high cheekbones. By wearing a pair of round stud earrings, this angularity is balanced and softened. 

 4. Rectangular Shaped Face 

Rectangular-shaped type have a narrow and longer face having jawlines and cheekbones of similar width. Wearing round diamond studs will add softness to the face and a bit of width to make it appear less narrow. 

 5. Square Shaped Face 

Square-shaped faces have a jawline and cheekbones of nearly the same width. Wearing round-shaped earrings will add softness and roundness to this face type. 

What are the Advantages of Round Studs or Earrings?

Round-shaped studs have a simple and elegant design. This leads to a very comfortable wearing experience with no fear of entanglement with cloths or long hairs as may happen with more elaborate earring types. The practical and elegant shape also leads to their easy and no-fuss cleaning and storing in a jewellery box. One another advantage of round studs featuring brilliant-cut diamonds is their luminosity and sparkle. The brilliant-cut facets allow light to enter from all sides which leads to an exceptional fire and brilliance which adds to the beauty of the stud earrings. So, these are some of the major advantages of round-shaped studs.

What Round Settings Exist for Ear Jewellery?

For round-shaped studs usually, the below mentioned three types of settings work best. Let us look into these, one by one. 

1. Prong Setting

Prog settings generally feature 4 to 6 prong settings, but sometimes 3 and 8 pronged settings are also used. The prong settings hold the round cut brilliant solitaire diamond like a raised platform which allows the light to enter from all the sides.Check the NICE, MARSEILLE, BORDEAUX, and VERSAILLES diamond round stud earrings among several others featuring this setting at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.


 2. Bezel Setting

Bezel setting gives the full round appearance as the metal surrounds the entire diamond at the sides like a band with only the top portion showing. Check the GSTAAD and CANNES diamond round stud earrings among several others featuring this setting at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

 3. Halo Setting

A halo setting is a design but can be included in settings too. A concentric circle of small diamonds surrounds the center stone which makes the center stone look bigger and the smaller stones also add to the overall sparkle of the earrings. Check the VEVEY and MONACO diamond round stud earrings among several others featuring this setting at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.


If you liked reading this article and are interested in buying round-shaped earrings or any other designs, then you have arrived at the right place. AËLRA JOAILLERIE has a wide range of high-quality diamond earrings in white, red, and yellow gold in 9K, 14K, and 18K for your selection. Along with round-shaped earrings and studs, we also have beautiful designs in Huggie, Hoops, Dangle, and Drop shapes. These are handset with beautiful diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in a variety of settings. 


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