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Diamond Earrings: The Perfect Gift For Every Women

Diamonds are a symbol of eternal love and have been a preferred choice as a gift for lovers worldwide. Diamond jewellery can be worn for decades and will still look brand new. Diamonds never go out of fashion and look equally great with any kind of dress, be it casual or formal. Gifting a pair of diamond earrings to your better half means that your love has stood the strength of time and continues to grow.

Natural Mined Diamonds

We at AËLRA JOAILLERIE only use natural ethically-sourced conflict-free mined diamonds. Natural or earth-mined diamonds in addition to being unique and billions of years old have become rare with time. Extracting earth mined diamonds releases 3 times less carbon than lab-grown diamonds.[1]

We, as an ethical and responsible business, only use diamonds that have undergone the ‘Kimberley Process’ which ensures that diamonds from conflict zones are not purchased. The earth-mined diamond industry has also provided countless jobs to different communities and boosted the economy of mining regions. Workers engaged in tertiary industries aligned with diamond mining like cutting, polishing, grading and retail have benefitted too. Botswana has risen to a middle-income group country in a short time just because of the natural mining of diamonds. Purchasing diamond earrings online from us contributes towards the wellbeing of communities involved in mining activities worldwide.

Diamond Earrings in White Gold

We offer a variety of diamond earrings in white gold. White gold is a perfect choice for diamond earrings and other fine jewellery. We use 14K or 18K white gold for creating diamond earrings set in white gold. White gold is a durable and scratch-resistant alloy of gold mixed with other precious metals like Palladium and Silver having a white neutral colour making it perfect for setting diamonds. White gold is beautiful and classic and can be matched with any outfit. Our white gold diamond earrings are coated with rhodium which belongs to the same precious metal family as platinum so the earrings retain their shine. 

Diamond Earrings in Yellow and Red Gold

We offer several types of diamond earrings set in yellow and red gold. Yellow gold has an aesthetic that has withstood the test of time. Diamonds as well as other gemstones shine brightly in a setting of yellow and red gold. Gold being more malleable than platinum translates into fine and intricately designed earrings like braided and stacked earrings.

Diamond Earrings by Design

Made by skilled craftsmen we provide diamond earrings online. Our diamond earrings are made with different alloys like 9K, 14K, and 18K. These beautiful pieces of art come in beautiful designs and attractive shapes like Studs, Hoops, Huggie, Dangle, and Drop. These are handset with beautiful diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in a variety of settings like bezel, micro-pave, prong among others. The diamond earrings come with separate closures like push back and butterfly back as per your convenience. 

Purchase Diamond Earrings at AËLRA JOAILLERIE: Luxury with Price Advantage

AËLRA JOAILLERIE is a renowned brand name in the diamond and gold jewellery industry. We provide premium top-quality jewellery to customers at affordable prices. Our ‘Mine-to-Market’ process allows us to match the highly-priced jewellery offered by other brands at much more competitive and affordable rates. We pass on the price advantage to customers by skipping the middlemen involved and selling directly online which cuts the final price by 6 to 8 times. If you are looking for the best diamond earrings online, go ahead and browse through our catalogue. We guarantee you will not be disappointed and come out with an exhilarating experience. 


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