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10 Diamond Jewellery Designs To Bring Out The Dive In You

'Be like a diamond; bright and rare.'

Billions of years ago deep within the earth’s crust, intense heat and pressure crystallized carbon into diamonds. Each diamond that you see in AËLRA’s store has such a long past. You can say that they have been waiting forever to be worn by someone as worthy as you.

Women treasure great diamond jewellery to accentuate their personality and provide them with an aura of confidence. Our natural diamond jewellery is the perfect daily accessory for women of all ages. This is why AËLRA has specifically created this list of ten elegant and fashionable diamond jewellery designs for you that can all be purchased on AËLRA’s online store. So if you want the best, AËLRA is where you come for your unique needs.

1. Helsinki- Diamond Earrings

Great things arrive in small boxes such as AËLRAs' Helsinki Huggie earrings. How do we even start to describe our fondness for these itsy-bitsy hoop earrings that hug the ear so flawlessly? Huggie hoops can single-handedly accentuate any outfit. We advise you to add a little sparkle to your daily look with these Helsinki Huggie earrings. These are the perfect earrings for all occasions and can be worn casually or on a formal occasion.

AËLRA’s online store is the perfect place for you to find these earrings and improve any look you have. It’s versatility is the best feature and that’s why it's on our best-selling list.

2. St Tropez- Diamond Ring

 AËLRA's St. Tropez Diamond Band should be a staple in every women's wardrobe;  they can be worn alone or  stacked together with other bands! Fifteen natural round brilliant diamonds of G-H colour and I1 clarity surrounding the band, forming a gorgeous look by itself. This is the perfect classical diamond band that is created with expert craftsmanship.

 The elegance and superior design of this ring is unparalleled. It is  the perfect gift for all women. This ring has the ability to melt any heart with one look. 

3. Zermatt- Diamond Earrings

These earrings are uniquely designed as they are inspired by the slopes of the Matterhorn mountain. AËLRAs' Zermatt earring combines artistry and craftsmanship using fluid, structural design, and dazzling diamonds. These huggie earrings are perfect for adding a sparkle to your look.

These incredible earrings are not just beautiful but also affordable. They are accented with 100% natural, earth-mined diamonds without any treatment or enhancement, all just to add a perfect amount of dazzle to your look. 

If you were looking for the perfect gift to give your lady on Valentine’s day then look no further. These affordable and sturdy earrings will show your love in its sparkle and your commitment in its strength. We are sure your partner will appreciate this thoughtful gift on your special day.

4. Annecy- Diamond Earrings

Annecy diamond earrings were made by our expert designers to form a hoop-like structure. The smaller circles show an understated appearance, while the big hoop earrings give for a more exciting effect. For a charming look, choose a pair of these stylish and fashionable diamond earrings.

Inspired by Annecy's lovely old town and the central canal going through it, AËLRA’s Annecy diamond earrings are available for purchase on the AËLRA online store. They are designed so beautifully and delicately in solid 14k gold that it will uplift your style statement. 

It is  perfect for you if you want to give a personalized gift to a loved one. The earrings are so unique that bestowing them on someone will showcase your immense love for them in the best way possible. It gives off radiance, comfort, and elegance; all in one neat package.

5. Kent- Diamond Pendant

AËLRA’s Kent diamond pendant is created to be a combination of a modern and classical design. The micro-pave and bezel setting are perfect as they create an appearance of a larger diamond.

The Kent diamond pendant is perfect to complement your daily outfit. It is crafted beautifully with solid 18k gold and adorned with brilliant round diamonds. You know what they say - The best things come in small packages. It is accurate for this pendant because even though it is small, it is eye-catching and detailed so that whoever looks at it, can’t help but admire it. No matter where you go, you will be asked countless times where you got this brilliant accessory from.

6. Mons- Diamond Earrings


The Mons Diamond earrings were designed to maximize the luster and sparkle of the diamonds. The hoop and drop earrings are sturdy and  brighten the beauty of the diamonds as well as the wearer.

The  combination of gold-based huggie earrings set with sparklings round diamonds is so beautiful that you can’t help but buy them. If you want to accentuate any simple look to make it more rich and elegant, this accessory does the trick easily just by itself. Try not to wear any other flashy accessories and let these earrings take the spotlight because they really know how to handle all the attention.

You can easily buy the Mons Diamond earrings on AËLRA’s online store that offers you a variety of jewellery and accessories that will surely meet your needs. Our collection is diverse and created for women of all ages.

7. St. Moritz- Diamond Earrings

The St. Moritz diamond earrings were designed to accentuate the aura of the beautiful Swiss town. Our expert designers created these dangling earrings to be both modern and traditional and they can be worn with any outfit. These earrings were hand-made using expert modern techniques without losing their classical feel.

The best part about these diamond earrings is that it is comfortable to wear because of how light weight it is. If you aren’t used to wearing earrings, these are perfect for you as they won’t hurt when you insert them and you won’t even feel like you are wearing them at all. That’s how light they are! These earrings are known to be pretty flashy though so make sure to dress accordingly.

8. Meribel- Diamond Ring


The Meribel diamond ring takes the design of a classical band and modernizes it with a pressure set diamond to create a unique ring. This ring has been created delicately using expert craftmanship to ensure maximum safety and sturdiness. The Meribel ring is the perfect ring for everyday wear.

This ring is what you should get if you are looking for a wedding band or an anniversary gift. It radiates a confident and elegant aura that makes it unique but it is also very sturdy for long-time use and it's comfortable to wear. If you are going to gift someone a ring that they have to wear every day, might as well ensure that it is comfortable, right?

9. Interlaken- Diamond Ring


The Interlaken diamond ring had become a jewellery staple, worn to celebrate extraordinary events and represent eternal love. This ring is perfect to accessorise any outfit you have for a special occasion.

The Interlaken semi-eternity band is created using excellent round brilliant cut diamonds to form a delicate and modern look, sparkling from all angles. This look is simple at one glance but on further inspection, it never fails to dazzle you. So if you want to let everyone in the room know that you and your partner are engaged, this is the ring for you!

10. Paris

The Paris collection is a diamond jewellery set containing a ring, a pendant, and a pair of earrings. They are designed to exhibit the classical feel of Parisian life using modern hand manufacturing techniques.

This gold and diamond collection is handset in a classical prong setting that accentuates the diamond. The subtle shine of the gold right beside the flashy reflection of a diamond makes this combination look suave and fashionable. If you are looking to invest in a combination jewellery that will look fresh forever  no matter how many times you wear it, then go for the Paris set.

All of the stunning diamond jewellery mentioned on the list is made using environmentally friendly materials and is available to purchase at affordable prices on our online store. We do not enhance or treat any of our diamonds. Buying anything from our store is a sign of your good taste and an excellent eye. We hope you find what you are looking for from our website!


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