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How Many Carats Should I Choose for Diamond Earrings?

Several questions may come into your mind while shopping for diamond earrings. What should be the size of the diamonds, how many carats should you go for, and how to get top-quality diamond earrings at an affordable price? Let us look into some of these queries and their solutions below. 

Ideal Carat Weight for Earrings

Crafting earrings have more leeway than rings. Rings have a definite circular band and along with the finger size usually tend to look better with a higher amount of carats. Earrings have no limitations of the round shape and so come in various designs. Beautiful diamond earrings can be crafted with comparatively fewer and smaller diamonds like the CANNES and CHAMONIX diamond earrings of 0.05 and 0.10 carats respectively from AËLRA JOAILLERIE. 

The combined total weight of both the earrings is provided in the case of diamond earrings, so divide the total weight by two to reach the weight of a single earring. This is useful when you want to purchase earrings having a single diamond each. You can choose from a carefully curated collection of beautiful diamond earrings having high-quality natural diamonds of 0.02 carats to over 1 carat from AËLRA JOAILLERIE. These beautiful earrings come in attractive designs like Studs, Huggie, Hoops, Drop and Dangle shape.

Saving Tips on Diamond Earrings

Do not finalize your decision of purchasing diamond earrings based on carat size only. Also keep in mind the remaining characteristics of the 4 C’s of diamonds which are Colour, Cut, and Clarity. For example, a small diamond with E colour with inclusions and blemishes invisible to the naked eye looks more beautiful and appealing than a comparatively large pale-yellow diamond with noticeable inclusions. 

Look for the cuts in the diamonds too. The round cut and princess cut gives the most brilliance and is favored due to it. Some other popular cuts are Emerald cut, Cushion cut, Oval cut, and Heart-shaped cut among others. Diamonds also take the colour of the metal they are set in, so colourless diamonds with very slight inclusions will look flawless if set in white gold earrings. To get high-quality diamond earrings at affordable prices, opt for diamonds in the colour grade range of G to H with clarity between SI and I1. The very slight inclusions in these diamonds are invisible to naked eye. They are minutely visible only under 10X magnification.

Make Diamond Earrings Look Bigger

If you want to make your diamond earrings look bigger, choose the diamond earrings with a four or six prong or a halo setting. These settings are explained further below. 

 1. Diamond Earrings with Four Prong Setting

Prongs are similar to small metal claws holding the diamond of the earring in place by clasping it. It appears that the diamonds are larger in size as there is minimum metal attached to them. 

 2. Diamond Earrings with Halo Setting

In a halo setting, small diamonds are set around the central diamond in concentric circles which support the sparkle and fire of the main diamond and also make it appear larger.


If you are interested in buying diamond jewellery please browse through the vast collection of diamond rings, pendants, chains, and bracelets along with diamond earrings offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE. Our diamond jewellery is made of natural mined diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in sparkling white, black and brown set in 9K, 14K, and 18k gold alloy. 


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