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How to Choose Diamond Earrings?

Jewellery as a fashion accessory can increase the overall look of your carefully chosen ensemble. And a pair of diamond earrings can take this look several notches higher. A pair of sparkling diamond studs will turn heads and make you look even more beautiful and feel extra special. Let us explore a bit about diamond earrings and how to choose a great pair for yourself.

Brief History of Earrings

Jewellery in its various forms has been worn throughout our history. Mankind has always beautified themselves whether they be necklaces, bracelets or earrings made either of twigs, wood, shell or bone. Earrings have been excavated from archaeological digs in Egypt and found to be more than five thousand years old with the evidence of both men and women wearing them. The diamond stud earrings in their modern form were first introduced in the late 19th century and remained popular ever since especially from the seventies and eighties. These earrings are favored by both sexes. While women wear them in both ears generally, men tend to wear them in both ways, either in a single ear or both. But the sight of a bright white diamond earring is fascinating in any case. 

Use the 4C’s While Buying Diamond Earrings

The often-repeated phrase “Use the 4C’s is the golden rule to be followed before buying diamonds. The 4C’s are standard for determining the quality of the diamond and therefore its price. Let us look into the 4 C’s and what they represent. 

 1. Colour

Diamonds are rated as per their colour from perfect sparkling white to light yellow or brown. The more colourless the diamond, the higher it's quality and thus its price. Please note that this colouration does not include some other natural coloured diamonds like pink, red, or blue which are in a different fancy colour category. Now back again to the original topic, diamonds are graded from D to Z colour scale in descending order, which means the grade D diamonds are the highest quality commanding the highest price. According to us choosing a diamond of G to H grade is ideal as they are nearly colourless with high quality and thus affordable.

 2. Clarity

Diamonds have inclusions and blemishes which are invisible to the naked eye and only visible through a 10X magnification. The diamond clarity is graded from FL to I4 in descending order. S1, S2, I1, and I2 are good-quality diamonds that can be acquired at a good price, while VVS and VS diamonds are on a much higher end and usually cost 10x more compared to their lower quality counterpartsThe look of a good SI or I1 diamond especially once set in jewellery will look the same as VVS or VS. 

 3. Cut

Diamond cuts or facets determine the brilliance and sparkle of diamonds. Round cut and Princess cut are very popular options for diamond stud earrings because of their brilliance. Excellent or Very Good cut graded diamonds have the symmetry and proportion desired. Select the diamonds having this certification from GIA, IGI, or HRD.

 4. Carat Weight

The more the carat weight, the more costly the diamonds. For picking diamond stud earrings also evaluate the colour, cut, and clarity. AËLRA JOAILLERIE has exquisitely crafted diamond earrings in various carat sizes and in beautiful niche designs varying from 0.02 carats to upwards of 1 carats.

Select the Shape and Cut

Diamonds in diamond earrings come in a wide variety of cuts and shapes. They may be round cut, princess cut, emerald cut, pear cut, and many more. But the below-mentioned two cuts are the most popular cuts for diamond earrings.

 1. Round brilliant cut

The round brilliant cut is one of the most favored and popular cuts. This cut has a maximum 57 facets which allow it the maximum brilliance and sparkle. 

 2. Princess cut

The princess cut has the angular four-sided pyramidical shape which due to its modified arrangement of facets has amazing brilliance and sparkle. This provides a tempered avante garde look when used in diamond earrings.  

Pick the Metal

The reflectiveness and brilliance of diamonds is  influenced by the colour of the metal in which they are mounted. You can pick a different look whether to contrast or in harmony depending on the metal to go with the diamonds. The all-white bright look is achieved by choosing white gold alloy for diamond stud earrings. For a soft timeless look, you can choose between red and yellow gold diamond earrings. 

Choosing the Setting for Diamond Earrings

Settings are important for securing the diamonds in the jewels and also for displaying the stones. While choosing the diamond earrings choose the settings which enhance the brilliance of the stone, make the diamonds appear larger, and hold the diamond securely to the metal. 

Given below are some settings which emphasize each of these features.

 1. Settings to Enhance Sparkle

Less the metal, more the sparkle of diamonds as more of the diamonds would be visible. Four to six-prong settings will bring the maximum amount of sparkle to the diamonds. For smaller diamonds choose a halo or pave setting or even bezel setting in white gold which enhances the sparkle of the diamonds.

 2. Settings to Maximize Size

Choose a prong setting diamond earrings if you want the diamonds to appear larger. Prong settings use the least amount of metal, so diamond is much more exposed and appears larger.

 3. Settings that maximize security

To ensure that diamonds are not uprooted and are secure, use the settings which cover the most area of the diamond surface. Pick the diamond earrings with bezel settings if your main priority is the security of diamonds or you are an outdoorsy person engaging in vigorous physical activities. Also check the earring backs which secure the earring in its place, with screw backs and locking earring backs which are the most secure.

How Much to Spend on Diamond Earrings?

It all depends on your choice and budget. Keep in mind the 4C’s before making the purchase. AËLRA JOAILLERIE offers a wide range of high-quality diamond earrings in white, red, and yellow gold in 9K, 14K, and 18K which start from quite affordable to premium in class. These beautiful art pieces come in attractive designs shapes like Studs, Hoops, Huggie, Dangle, and Drop. These are handset with beautiful diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in a variety of settings like bezel, prong, pave among others. 

Where to Buy Diamond Earrings

Diamond earrings can be bought either from a physical store or an online one. You can choose diamond earrings online from trusted retailers and manufacturers like AËLRA JOAILLERIE where you can buy at almost 30 to 50 percent less cost than physical stores and which employs the most secure payment processes and accepts all major online payment methods and only uses the high quality certified and graded diamonds. AËLRA JOAILLERIE uses only natural mined and Kimberley certified diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in sparkling white, black and brown set in 9K, 14K, and 18k gold alloy. 


If you are looking for high-quality diamond earrings, please browse through a wide range of jewellery collections offered by us. These include beautiful diamond earrings along with an extensive collection of diamond rings, bracelets, pendants, and chains. Do go through our other interesting blogs also which are a must for a jewellery connoisseur.  


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