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How to Choose the Perfect Diamond Bracelet?

Women have always loved bracelets. Bracelets may come in different metals with a variety of precious stones attached, but a diamond bracelet instantly captures attention. There is something irresistible about these sparkling jewels beautifully displayed in your hand. A diamond bracelet is the perfect accessory and adds class and elegance to your ensemble. But the big question is how to choose a perfect diamond bracelet? Let us answer all your queries with the help of this article. 

A Brief History of Bracelets

Bracelets have been with us since the dawn of civilization. Bracelets dating back to 5000 B.C. and beyond were found from ancient Mesopotamians, Egyptian, Russian, and Greek archaeological sites. Russian archaeologists found a remnant bracelet from the excavated “X Woman’ from the Altai mountains in Siberia. Bracelets have been mentioned in ancient Greek and Indian texts. Even the meaning of the word bracelet is derived from the old Greek word ‘Brachile’ which translates as ‘Of the arm’. So, after getting briefly acquainted with the history of bracelets let’s move ahead.

Which wrist is suitable for wearing a diamond bracelet?

Wear the diamond bracelet on the wrist of your non-dominant hand. Left-handed persons should wear it on their right hand and right-handed ones on the left hand. This is usually the easiest way as there is no danger of damaging the bracelet. But this is not a set rule. If you are not participating in any strenuous activity involving the dominant hand, enjoy wearing the bracelet in any hand you like.

The right way to wear a diamond bracelet

Jewellery if worn right does wonders to your beauty and look. The same rules apply when wearing a perfect diamond bracelet. Your body shape and tone of the skin determines what type of bracelets will look good on you. Let us delve into these factors in detail.

1. Bracelets as per Skin Tone

    Red gold bracelets will look good on the lighter skin tones while yellow gold bracelets may suit both light and dark skin tones. White gold bracelets on the other hand are classics and will look good on any skin color, whether light, dark or different shades of brown. If in doubt, go for a white gold bracelet.

    2. Bracelets as per Body Type

    Women possessing a slim body structure should pick a satellite or a chain bracelet. This would look good on their slender wrists. Women possessing wide athletic wrists should opt for a thick satellite diamond bracelet with an elaborate or chunky centerpiece. The heavy centerpiece and the chunky bracelet will make your wrists appear slimmer.

    What determines a diamond bracelet's price?

    diamond bracelet's price depends upon the amount of Gold, Silver, or Platinum used in it. The thicker the bracelet, the more would be the price and vice versa. Another major factor is the carat size of the diamonds attached. A single diamond of 1 carat or above will usually be costlier than several small diamonds weighing the same.

    Types of bracelets offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE

    Diamond bracelets for women are crafted in different styles. The most popular styles are the Satellite and Tennis bracelet styles. We offer 3 signature designs of bracelets set in white gold named after the beautiful cities of Europe. These styles are presented below.

    1. Budapest Bracelet

      This bracelet named after the beautiful Hungarian capital is made of 18K White Gold in a satellite design with a beautiful circular center piece studded with 0.11 ct natural round brilliant-cut diamonds.

      2. London Bracelet

        This bracelet named after the eponymous capital of the United Kingdom is made of 18K White Gold in a satellite chain with the centerpiece consisting of a double riviere design studded with 0.43 ct natural round brilliant-cut diamonds.

        3. Sofia Bracelet

          This bracelet is named after the historical city and the capital of Bulgaria. It is an 18K white gold satellite bracelet with a centerpiece made of concentric circles beautifully handset with diamonds in a micro-prong setting.

          Things to check before buying a bracelet

          You need to necessarily check the below-mentioned requirements before embarking on buying a diamond bracelet for women.

          1. Clasp- Check the clasp to ensure that it does not get opened easily. It should be solid and be closed securely.

          2. Diamond settings- Check minutely the individual diamonds mounted in the bracelet. The setting should ensure that all the stones are securely held in place and will not fall off easily.   

          3. Degree of flexibility- A bracelet should be flexible. A too rigid and tight bracelet may break while twisting the wrist. Hold the bracelet by the tips of your fingers and dangle it to see if there are any kinks in it. A quality bracelet should always hang straight without any kinks or folds. 

          4. Bracelet links- Closely inspect the bracelet links. They should not break easily and be secure and sturdy. 

          How to check the right size of the bracelet

          A perfect size bracelet should be neither tight nor too loose. It should move easily on your wrist but not be that big that it slides off easily. The length is perfect if you are just able to fit a finger between the bracelet and the wrist. Before buying a diamond bracelet online, check the size chart provided in the website. The size chart will mention the length in centimeters and millimeters. Now measure your wrist circumference and add 2 centimeters to it. This would be the perfect size for your bracelet. Usually, women’s bracelets tend to be between 19 and 21 cm in size. 

          When you should buy a diamond bracelet?

          perfect diamond bracelet is special, so buy or gift it for special occasions or those special people in your life. What better way to show your love and appreciation than buying a perfect diamond bracelet! Gift it on anniversaries, birthdays, and when you are sure that you have found the right partner for yourself.

          Buy diamond bracelets online from AËLRA JOAILLERIE

          By buying diamond jewellery online from AËLRA JOAILLERIE, you get the diamond jewellery at about 8 to 10 times less cost compared to buying from  traditional storefronts. We save costs and pass that to customers by eliminating the whole array of middlemen with our unique “MINE-TO-MARKET’ process. We offer the best quality diamond jewellery at affordable prices. 


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