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How To Know If A Diamond Is Conflict-Free?

Usually, we buy diamond jewelry for an important milestone in life or for a lifetime. It can be for yourself or your loved one. Gifting diamonds brings happiness to us and the receiver. So how can you be sure that the diamond you bought has also brought a little bit of happiness to the miners instead of hurting them? This can be done by choosing conflict-free diamonds. This term means that the diamonds were mined in such conditions that favored the miners and helped developed their community. The workers were not forced, harmed, or enslaved to mine the diamonds. These diamonds are Kimberley certified which ensures that they are not blood diamonds. Blood diamonds are mined from war-torn areas and have a legacy of forced labor, torture, and killings behind them. 

Let us look into various ways to ensure that the diamonds you buy are conflict-free and ethically sourced.


1. Ask the Jeweler

Inquire from the jeweler where the diamonds were mined. Responsible and ethical jewelers will inform you about every step the diamond journey took. They will even have written documentation in their offline shops or online stores. This may not include vintage or estate jewelry as these may have been created a long time ago. 


2. Ask for Documentation/Kimberley Certification

Buy only those diamonds that are certified. The retailer should provide warranties and Kimberley certification to ensure you buy only conflict-free diamonds. Kimberley process for diamond certification ensures only conflict free diamonds are traded. Kimberley process follows diamonds from mine to market and only certifies the diamonds after ensuring their conflict-free status. 


3. Avoid Buying from Conflict Prone Regions 

Several rogue nations still mine diamonds to fund war and terror activities. Diamonds sourced through regions are known as blood diamonds. They are obtained through large-scale torture, intimidation, forced labor, and genocide. Human rights organizations have identified several countries guilty of these crimes that include Angola, Zimbabwe, Liberia, and the Democratic Republic of Congo. Refuse to buy diamonds sourced from these areas. 


4. Buy Ethically Sourced Diamonds 

Look for the diamonds that have been sourced ethically. Some countries that follow ethical diamond mining are Namibia, Botswana in Africa, and Canada in the North American continent. 

Namibia and Botswana strictly enforce labor and environment-friendly laws. The revenue generated is pumped back to the community and pays for the health and education needs of the community and their children. 

Canada has a great track record in protecting labor interests and environmental safety. Mining communities have benefited and the local economy and businesses have flourished. Mining is done through sustainable activities preserving the local ecology and environment.  


5. Consider Mixing the Jewelry

You can also opt for other gemstones and diamond jewelry. Gemstones like rubies, sapphires, emeralds are easy to trace. Buy diamond and gemstone jewelry from reputed online retailers like AËLRA JOAILLERIE. They sell only natural and Kimberley certified diamonds ensuring you receive only conflict-free diamonds



A blood diamond and a conflict free diamond look the same. So, how can you be sure of buying a conflict-free one? The best way is to buy from a renowned and trusted diamond jewelry retailer like AËLRA JOAILLERIE. They closely monitor and supervise the entire manufacturing process from mine to market to procure conflict free diamonds. This “mine to market” process also ensures that their customers are getting the price advantage and receive affordable and high-quality jewelry. Their beautiful hand-crafted jewelry includes gemstone and diamond rings, pendants, earrings, and bracelets. The jewelry is set in hallmarked 9, 14, and 18k gold. Visit AËLRA JOAILLERIE for your jewelry needs and be assured that you will only receive premium conflict-free diamond jewelry. 


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