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9 Tips on How to Look After Your Diamond Ring

Diamond rings are expensive, precious and one of the most admired ornaments. They get you compliments and sometimes envious glances. They remind you of your engagement or wedding or even the time when you bought the ring yourself to celebrate reaching a significant life goal. Though diamonds are the hardest known substances on earth, the precious metals they are set in require proper care and handling. By knowing how to maintain diamond rings you can preserve their radiance, lengthen their lifespan and keep that sparkle in your life forever. 

How to Maintain Diamond Rings

For protecting and maintaining diamond rings follow the below-given rules which are easy to practice and do not require much effort. Follow them diligently and nearly half the work is done.

1. Handle with Care

While taking off the ring, avoid touching the inset stones directly. Instead grab the band of the ring on either side to pull it off. This will ensure no dirt or smudges are transferred to the diamonds and the risk of loosening and dislodging the diamond setting is minimized. 

2. Remove While Applying Cosmetics

The chemicals and lubricants in hand and face creams, sunscreens, etc. may remove the coating on white gold rings with time. Remove the ring before applying and wear it again. Following these instructions go a major way in maintaining diamond rings.

3. Take it Off While Doing Hands-on and Household Activities

While washing and bathing, the chemicals in soaps and shampoos may tarnish the color of the ring. Water in swimming pools remains clean due to chlorine and fluorides present but it reacts with the gold and causes it to lose shine. While doing household work or participating in a rigorous physical sport, dirt, and grime get trapped under the ring which blurs the clarity of the diamond. There is also the rare possibility of dislodging the diamond and even damaging it suddenly. Remember to remove your precious ring while undergoing these activities. This will help greatly in your quest on how to maintain diamond rings.

4. Weekly Cleaning 

Various substances like creams, lotions, dirt, and body oils get embedded in the ring during everyday life. Cleaning the ring regularly contributes in a major way to maintaining diamond rings. Make this a weekly ritual that will take only half an hour to complete. Prepare either a solution containing baking soda or a mild dish detergent with water and soak the ring in it for about 15 minutes. If you notice anything stuck on the stones, use a soft toothbrush to remove it. Then clean the gold band with a lint free cotton cloth or blow-dry. You are now good to go.

5. Ensure the Fitting

Before buying the diamond ring online, ensures that it fits perfectly. An oversized ring may fall off or get stuck and scratched, while an undersized ring may have to be enlarged which loses the shape and markings on the ring. Before buying rings online first consult the size chart which lists the diameter of the ring. Take a thread and wrap it around the finger to measure the length. Compare it with the length provided in the size chart. You will get a definitive idea of the size required. Now you can order easily without any doubt.

6. Safeguarding in Public Areas

Now we move on to the next step in maintaining diamond rings. After investing in a precious diamond ring, it goes, without doubt, to keep it safe and secure. Avoid removing and leaving the ring at crowded places. Keep the ring at home before going to the gym. Grabbing weights or other gym equipment tends to crush the part of skin between fingers and the band which is painful and leads to blisters. And admit it, gym lockers or keeping the ring in your pocket is not that safe. Better to keep it at home. Also don’t remove your ring while using public restrooms or even office and restaurant washrooms. There have been many instances where people forgot their prized possessions and never got them back.

7. Get a Safe and Have a Designated Place

For safekeeping your valuable jewellery, buy a strong and sturdy safe. Put them in the original jewellery box and then keep them in the safe instead of keeping them together, so to avoid getting scratches. While finishing daily chores, keep your rings in a designated place. They can be put inside a bowl or small jewellery box. This way you will remember where you kept them and wont misplace them.

8. Appraisal, Insurance and Locker for Jewellery

Get your valuable jewellery appraised and insured. Make sure to do this every decade or even earlier as jewellery tends to appreciate over time. If you are regular traveler or live alone, it is better to opt for a secure bank locker to keep all the valuables.

9. Have Your Ring Restored

The most important step in maintaining diamond rings is to restore them periodically. This service is offered by many local jewellery stores. Some jewellers even provide a maintenance package offering periodical restoration. The restoration will include checking if the prongs are fixed firmly, resetting stones, steam cleaning, removing the scratches, and polishing and replating the rings. White gold rings require a rhodium plating after some years to get back the dazzling shine while yellow gold and platinum rings are polished for maintaining the glow.

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Final Thoughts

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