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How to Wear Stylish Diamond Pendants Every Day of The Week?

Diamonds are increasingly being worn as daily wear jewellery. They can be worn when going to work, or visiting friends, or even when hanging out at home. But there should be variation in style otherwise wearing the same clothes and accessories will become boring and uninspiring. Let us look at some of the ways you can mix and match and experiment with your jewellery, specifically diamond pendants with other dresses and jewellery pieces and create a whole new look every day of the week. 

Beauty of Necklaces

Necklaces are those pieces of jewellery that project our taste, style, and identity to the world. An elaborate diamond-encrusted necklace worn on a high society event communicates our prestige, wealth, and style statement in a powerful manner, while a subtle diamond pendant with a thin chain in the workplace lets others know about our aesthetic sense. A strategically placed necklace worn with the right kind of dress can work wonders towards the appearance. Let us look into some ways we can pair our diamond pendants with our wardrobe for maximum impact every day of the week. 




Monday Mashup

Wear a simple solitaire diamond pendant necklace with matching diamond studs in white gold to start the workweek. Choose a white shirt and contrast it with a mid-length black office skirt to complete your ensemble. Check out the PARIS and NICE solitaire pendants with LILLE and VERSAILLES diamond stud earrings from the exquisite jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Tuesdays Triumph

You are on day two of the week and the work is just getting started. Go for a bit fancier fashion choice today. Wear a sparkling round-shaped diamond pendant with stud earrings of a similar design. Pair it with a dark-coloured turtleneck which will be a perfect background for the sparkling diamonds. Check out the KENT and MARSEILLE round-shaped diamond pendants with GSTAAD and VEVEY diamond stud earrings from the elegant jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Wow Factor on Wednesdays

It is the middle of the week and the drudgery is just setting in. The weekend looks so far away. Why not kill the boredom by picking a glam and slightly blingy look? Wear a large circular diamond pendant with dangle earrings to go with it. Pair it with dark work trousers and a shirt in sober colour to balance the bling. Check out the WARSAW and OSLO circular-shaped diamond pendants with ST. MORITZ and ANTWERP diamond dangle earrings from the amazing jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Thrilling Thursdays

Only two days are left of the work week and you have already started planning for the weekend. Take your fashion sensibilities several notches higher and wear a uniquely designed pendant shaped like two straight lines joined together with beautiful prong-set diamonds. Match it with huggie earrings to balance the angular look. Complete the ensemble with a monochrome dress. Check out the MALMADY and BRUGES horizontally and vertically linear diamond pendants with COPENHAGEN and BOUILLON diamond huggie earrings from the amazing jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Fabulous Fridays

This is the last day of the workweek and also the casual wear day at the office. Pair your jeans and t-shirts with a cluster-shaped multi-diamond pendant with similarly designed diamond earrings. Check out the LA LOUVIERE and STOCKHOLM cluster diamond pendants with MARSEILLE and CHAMONIX diamond earrings from the amazing jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Sashaying Saturdays

Finally, the weekend has arrived. You are going to a restaurant, or an opera or even a night out with friends. Whatever way you dress, casual or formal, but to flaunt the relaxed yet chic look wear a diamond pendant inspired by a cloverleaf design with similarly shaped diamond earrings. Check out the beautifully created KNOKKE diamond pendants with SPA diamond earrings from the uniquely designed jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

Soothing Sundays

This is the last day of the week and you are relaxing at home. Pair your leisurewear with a minimalistic yet elegantly designed diamond necklace in a bezel setting and pair it with a similar set diamond earring. Check out the simple and elegant CANNES diamond pendants with the same-named CANNES diamond earrings from the beautifully designed jewellery collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.


If you liked the tips presented above, please browse and check other interesting blogs on various jewellery topics. Also look through our vast collection of diamond jewellery which includes pendants along with rings, earrings, and bracelets. Our jewellery is created by skilled and experienced master craftsmen from Antwerp, the diamond capital of the world. We have jewellery for every woman’s needs. 


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