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Top 5 Popular Engagement Ring Trends

You have to propose first before taking your partner’s hand in marriage. Engagement rings make the task so much easier to accomplish. Your loved one may accept your proposal readily seeing the beautiful ring you brought for her. Let us look at why engagement rings are popular, what are some contemporary engagement ring trends and what type of engagement rings may be chosen.

What Makes Engagement Rings Popular?

Engagement rings are beautiful pieces of jewellery reminding you of the day when your loved one proposed. It celebrates the love between soulmates and proclaims this official status to the world. Also, engagement rings are generally diamond rings while a wedding ring is normally a plain gold band. So, there is more chance of artistic experimentation and meaning and expression of love through a unique engagement ring. A diamond engagement ring can come in many forms. It may be of white, red, or yellow gold, with a single solitaire in it, or come with a multitude of diamonds. The possibilities are endless! 

Engagement Ring Should Reflect the Bond Between the Pair

Choose the engagement ring carefully. Take your time before deciding on the purchase. Make sure the ring conveys something about the love between you and your lover. It may be a specialized engraving with both your names together, or it may have been custom-made as per your directions. The design may reflect the bonding between you two, e.g., if a solitaire engagement ring is given, it may reflect the unique strong bond between you or if a ring has a princess cut diamond, then it may reflect how your partner treats you like a princess or queen. Thus, an engagement ring should reflect in some way, the special bond you share.

The Current Trends in Engagement Rings 

Engagement rings are generally diamond rings but unlike a wedding band, they may differ from design to design. Let us explore some of the engagement rings designs that are in vogue this year.

1. Solitaire Diamond Engagement Rings

Solitaire engagement rings are those rings that never seem to go out of fashion. These are timeless pieces of jewellery where the single diamond takes the center stage. It usually comes in prong settings and round-cut diamonds to maximize the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Check the variety of solitaire diamond rings at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

 2. Straight Diamond Engagement Rings

This type of diamond ring has a main diamond centerpiece with small diamonds set on the shoulders of the ring. The diamonds may have different types of settings like prong, bezel, and pave but the look is a classy sparkling brilliant diamond ring. Check out the ANTIBES, COTE’DAZUR, and REIMS diamond rings among several others in this classic design at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

 3. Halo Diamond Engagement Rings

In this type of ring, the main diamond takes the centre stage with small diamonds set around it in concentric circles. This increases the sparkle of the diamonds and makes the main diamond appear larger. Check the NANTES diamond ring in this beautiful design at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

 4. Round Cluster Shaped Diamond Engagement Rings

The name of the style is self-explanatory. In this type of ring, a cluster of diamonds shaped like a circle is set in the centerpiece of the ring. The diamonds sparkle and catch the light from every angle and the beautifully round shape ring can be worn on all occasions. Check out the DINANT and VIENNA diamond rings in this design at AËLRA JOAILLERIE. 

 5. Triple Gold Diamond Engagement Ring

This type of engagement ring is made of two bands of red and yellow gold with a white gold ring in the middle. The three bands are set with round brilliant diamonds in a pave setting. This is an exquisitely breathtaking piece of jewellery. Check out the elegant EVERE diamond ring in this style at AËLRA JOAILLERIE.

So, these are some of the popular trends in engagement rings in the current year.

Engagement Ring Collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE

Your quest ends here! If you are searching for a diamond engagement ring for your beloved, please browse the wide range of diamond ring collections offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE. These rings come in popular and beautiful designs like a solitaire, halo, and also very unique designs created by our in-house designers. Our designs are inspired by and therefore named after the picturesque cities of Europe. Whether you prefer a solitaire ring or a unique interlinked ring, maybe an accented band or a ring in different gold alloys, we have them all. We use natural conflict-free diamonds of G-H color and SI and I1 clarity in sparkling white, blackand brown. These diamonds are set in 9K, 14K or 18K white, red and yellow gold in breathtaking designs. These are amazing high-quality diamond rings available at an affordable price.


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