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12 Types Of Earrings You Need To Have In Your Closet


12 Types Of Earrings You Need To Have In Your Closet

We all know how accessorizing plays a significant role when it comes to styling. Out of all, earrings are one of the most popular ways to accessorize and make any outfit look spectacular. Since there are several different types of earrings available in the market, we have curated a list of 12 types of earrings styles that are a must-have in your closet to make your outfit look cohesive. 

1. Studs 

If you’re someone who likes to keep things simple yet chic, a pretty pair of studs is your best friend! There are several different types of stud earrings available in the market, starting from a single diamond or a cluster of stones; you can wear them with anything and everything!

2. Danglers

As the name suggests, danglers have tiny elements that hang below the center piece. These types of earrings look amazing and would look great even through an open hairdo. 

3. Statement chandelier earrings

Statement chandelier earrings have a broader shape towards the end but start with a smaller sized stud, much similar to the shape of the chandelier. They make for the perfect addition for glamourizing your outfit. You can wear them on special occasions or events when you wish to make a statement or dress up a plain outfit.

4. Hoops

Hoops are simple, yet classic and elegant. They look gorgeous and are perfect for the times when you are confused about what pair of earrings to pair your outfit with. Ranging from simple hoops to ones with pearls or several other details, they bring in a stylish and timeless charm to your look. 

5. Needle thread earrings

The needle thread earrings tend to work like a needle and a thread. You need to use a needle to insert these earrings into your earring hole and then pull it from the other side as much as you wish to. The rest of the earrings act as a metal thread. Needle thread earrings look quite simple but are ultra-fancy! Also, you get the freedom from the hassle of an earring fastener too!

6. Ear cuffs

The craze for ear cuffs has been around for quite some time now since there are amongst the new types of earrings that everyone loves! You can make them work with any kind of ensemble, if you like experimenting with fashion, this style is a must-have in your closet.

7. Ear jackets

Trendy, modern, and stylish, ear jackets come with a complex design that tends to peek out from behind your earlobes. Its front part generally consists of a simple stud, however, the main design is to be worn at the back of your earlobe. It can consist of designs such as petals, stars, leaves, starburst, and much more.

8. Drop earrings

Drop earrings look extremely elegant since they tend to stand out with all sorts of clothing. They can either be long or short with their lengths. You can pair them with almost anything you like, you’re sure to steal the show.

Ear jackets come with the same comfort level as studs but appear as more elaborate earrings. Since they consist of a typical stud piece, you can dress down your look easily by replacing the jacket with a backing. You can also easily mix and match your studs with several other ear jacket designs.

9. Ear climbers

Elaborate, romantic, and chic; that’s what ear climbers are known for. They feature a long design as if the earring is climbing up your earlobe. It’s undoubtful about how they got their name from the way they rest on your ear. 

Instead of featuring a regular backing, the ear climber contains a wire that hugs the back of your ear, that acts as a backbone to keep the climber in place. 

Also known as ear crawlers, they commonly come with flowers, leaves, vines, and even constellations in their unique design. These kinds of earrings are amazing if you wish to dress up any outfit without looking like you’ve put in much effort. 

10. Full wraps

Full wraps would often remind you of ear climbers, however, they are longer to reach your helix. Full wraps tend to cover the edge of your ear, starting from the lobe to the top. Also, they do not need piercing and wrap around the whole ear.

Depending on the type of design, a full wrap has a wire behind your ear that slips very comfortably and can be contoured easily as well. Other kinds of wraps rely on a stud with a hoop that clips on to your ear’s side. Some of the designs that feature wraps include flowers, diamond patterns, snakes, constellations, vines, and several other exotic creatures.

11. Ear hooks

While ear hooks are much similar to the full wraps, their design is such that it overlaps at the back of your ear and are to be worn on just one ear. Some are even meant to be worn behind the ear. Ear hooks consist of a wire which curves at the back and can be easily adjusted to fit the shape of your ear. Some of the designs of ear hooks include angel wings, dragons, and starbursts. In case you wish to make a whimsical statement, you can opt for the ear hooks which mimic fairy ears!

12. Huggies

As the name suggests, these kinds of hoop earrings are smaller in size and hug your earlobe. When you compare it to the traditional hoops, there are lesser chances for huggies to get caught on your clothes. This makes them the perfect choice to wear on an everyday basis. You can even wear them on cartilage piercings.

All types of earrings mentioned above are a must-have in your closet if you are someone who loves experimenting with different styles and fashion to amp up your outfit. Look out for the ones you wish to have from them for your next event or function and make yourself stand out in the crowd!


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