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What are Conflict-Free Diamonds?

Over a period of time consumers have become more conscientious. Whether it be reducing our carbon footprint or consuming cruelty-free food items we as consumers are advocating for and using sustainable and ethically made products. Buying jewelry made from ethical and conflict-free diamonds is one such way we can help humanity and prevent the exploitation of fellow human beings. 

Let us look into the article below to know more about conflict-free and ethical diamonds and what difference does it make when you choose them over diamonds with unclear origins. The first sub-section is devoted to Conflict-Free diamonds and the one after that to ethical diamonds so that you know the exact difference between the two. 

What Do Conflict-Free Diamonds Mean?

Conflict-free diamonds mean the diamonds mined in such conditions that did not hurt any individuals or workers/miners. The workers were not intimidated, tortured, or enslaved to mine the diamonds. It further means that the diamonds are not mined from a war-torn area and the sales proceeds of which will not be used to finance or prolong wars in the mined area. 

The Kimberley Process

Kimberley process for diamond certification was implemented in 2003 and comprises 81 member states now. Its member states produce around 99.8 percent of the rough diamonds worldwide ensuring the trade of conflict-free diamonds and curbing the supply of blood diamonds or conflict diamonds. Kimberley process follows diamonds from mine to market and only certifies the diamonds after ensuring their conflict-free status.


What are Ethical Diamonds?

Ethical diamonds go much further than conflict free diamonds. These are diamonds that are mined in safe and humane working conditions using sustainable practices. It ensures fair pay for the work done. In simpler words, ethical diamonds are those diamonds that are mined with exploiting the workers and the environment.

Let us elaborate on the process of ethical diamonds further. The mining community gets adequate health care and education facilities, the miners are paid fair wages and no human rights are abused. Along with these, miners are educated about environmentally sustainable practices that are implemented in the mining process. After the diamonds are extracted, the mining sites are rehabilitated and made available for agricultural and grazing purposes. If the mining process ensures all these factors, then only the diamonds are categorized as ethical diamonds. 

What is an Ethically Sourced Diamond?

Ethically sourced diamonds mean the mine-to-market process is closely watched and at each stage, workers are paid fair wages. The diamond supply chain is monitored ensuring that the blood diamonds are not mixed with conflict-free diamonds and these diamonds can be tracked from the source. 

E.g., diamonds from Namibia and Botswana are ethically sourced diamonds. The diamond industry here is strictly governed by government regulations ensuring the welfare of miners and the community. The proceedings are pumped back into the community which has led to these countries rising high in the Human Development Index (HDI).


You can distinguish between a naturally sourced diamond and a lab-created one, but how can you differentiate between a blood diamond and a conflict-free one. The best way is to buy from a renowned and trusted diamond jewelry retailer, whether online or offline store.

AËLRA JOAILLERIE is one such retailer. It closely checks and controls the entire manufacturing process from mine to market to ensure the creation of ethical jewelry. Their premium hand-crafted jewelry includes a wide range of gemstone and diamond rings, earrings, pendants, and bracelets. The natural and ethically sourced conflict free diamonds are of G-H color and SI1 and SI2 clarity in sparkling white, black and brown. These are set in hallmarked 9, 14, and 18k gold ensuring the purity of the metal. Choose AËLRA JOAILLERIE for your ethically sourced jewelry needs and do your bit for the humanity and environment. 


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