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What Is A Solitaire, And Which Solitaire To Gift Your Loved Ones That Won’t Break Your Bank?

The meaning of solitaire

While shopping for a solitaire diamond engagement ring, many people often wonder, "What does solitaire mean?" It is essential to know what solitaire means before starting your search. Solitaire is a single piece of diamond or other gemstone placed alone in the entire piece of jewellery by itself.

Solitaire Diamond jewellery includes rings, earrings, bracelets, necklaces, and even bands for men for their weddings.

A solitaire diamond setting is known for its elegant yet straightforward dazzling style. No matter whatever your vibe is, you can't go wrong with a solitaire.

Many people say that "when it comes to rings for your engagement, you'll know when you get the one." However, the hunt to find that one unique piece can feel overwhelming for some, mainly when you've got to cling to a fixed or tight budget! But with the outstanding range of rings out there, it is entirely possible to obtain a stunning item that you or a loved one would fall head over heels for without breaking the bank.

Join AËLRA, as we guide you through the best solitaire diamond ring styles that you'll be able to afford on a tight budget. Each style is unique, and you're assured of finding something magnificent within this category.



Is a unique set that enhances the beauty of a woman. It is an excellent mixture of an assertion piece and elegance. This is a Solitaire diamond jewellery set that includes a pendant, earring, and ring.

Fashioned with a shiny solitaire diamond in the middle that glitters fronting the glowing band, this is a stylish ring that highlights your look every time. A flipping design of gliding diamonds and sculpted gold praise the core jewel.


Here's another gorgeous and unique piece from AËLRA Of Paris that screams richness and elegance. As a center of art and culture, the Parisian city of lights encouraged this competently named diamond collection. Known for its artistic beauty and robust design, this piece will last your lifetime.

This white gold and diamond collection has a 4-prong beautifully handset setting that brings a fresh style to the table. This collection is classic and popular, just like the French city. 

The beautiful Paris Diamond Collection from AËLRA makes for the perfect gift.


Fontainebleau is famous for being the weekend getaway for Parisians and also originally owned by the kings of France, similarly, this collection gives every woman a royal feel without breaking the bank. Fontainebleau is really a timeless set of solitaire diamond jewellery, a must-buy for every jewellery lover. Solitaire diamond sets are always the first choice of women. This amazingly beautiful AËLRA Fontainebleau solitaire diamond jewellery does not only come in a ring that merely twinkles your hands but also comes in earrings and pendants too that will surely leave you dazzled. This beautiful set of jewellery  designs is available online on AËLRA only at a reasonable solitaire diamond cost.


AËLRA’s Lille collection is beautiful and classy. Its name was taken from a beautiful city named Lille in France which is the capital of the Hauts-de-France region. It is an inspiring piece that makes the woman wearing it feel strong and powerful.

The Lille set is a beautiful solitaire diamond jewellery set and can be a classic gift for eternal love expressing romantic love, wisdom, and harmony.

These wear-with-anything love knots are a perfect closet staple that can be dressed up or down.


Much like the city, it's named after, the Versailles solitaire diamond collection is sophisticated from every angle. 

Holding a beautiful round sparkling diamond at the center in a prong setting creates an alluring pattern in this chic and unique design.

This brings out a little sparkle and adds extravagance to your everyday life. We believe that jewellery should be every woman's second skin and part of your everyday wardrobe, and this luxurious Versailles solitaire diamond collection is perfect for those who always want some more!


The Marseille is the optimum contemporary jewellery for the modern woman. A single circular diamond in the middle summons power and a sense of strength. The shared prong setting is smooth and features a cluster of diamonds at the center. The Marseille equates purity and softness with a six-prong setting and beautiful tulip motif. This chic and elegant jewellery is sure to become a favorite in your jewellery collection.

Stay united forever with your cherished ones with this unique Marseille style of diamond jewellery, which is crafted precisely, making it positively long-lasting just at a modest solitaire diamond ring price. It's more than a traditional six-part solitaire diamond. Prongs are gracefully wrapped around the head of your solitaire that makes it well-protected and showcased in this elegant mounting.


Solitaire diamond jewellery can dress up your look by adding a sprinkle of style to any outfit and turn heads, Nice from AËLRA is one of them.

Perhaps the most popular choice among our top list, prong-based solitaire diamond jewellery is this classical style delicacy. From exquisite gold studs to the solitaire diamond engagement ring, it can come in multiple variations, usually consisting of four prongs that hold the solitaire high like your dreams.

What's admirable about this prong design from AËLRA is that they are timeless and can be worn for both casual and formal occasions. The bareness of this Nice diamond jewellery set also makes it a magnificent legacy as it goes perfectly go with every skin tone, face shape, and age.

Almost every artist will offer some class of basic prong-based designs, but the key to picking a striking pair rests in the quality of craftsmanship and precise diamond-cutting.


Gold surrounding timeless diamonds, this Cannes diamond treasure is a perfect combination of joy to look at. You will feel powerful when you walk out in these precious Cannes diamond trinkets that easily harmonize your every outfit. This Cannes diamond jewellery set does not only come with a pair of studs you will proudly own but also with a beautiful and timeless Cannes diamond ring and a Cannes diamond pendant. These are the ideal pair to embellish your everyday style or elevate your event wear. Each set is crafted precious gold metal to bring out the brilliance of your choice.

All the aforementioned solitaire diamond collections are available in pendants, rings, and earrings. So, if you want more, then go ahead and scroll through the AËLRA for all collections and all the solitaire diamond prices, and don't hesitate to contact us if you need any assistance.

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