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What Should You Pay Attention to When Buying Your Engagement Ring?

Engagement is the ultimate step before marriage. So, what would make this occasion more special than presenting your beautiful beloved with the perfect engagement ring she deserves? What important things should be kept in mind before acquiring an engagement ring? Let us explore all these in detail below. 

Buy a Certified Diamond

The most necessary component of an engagement ring is the diamond. Diamonds are a symbol of forever love getting stronger day by day. The engagement rings may have different settings and sizes of diamonds. There may be several diamonds or even the iconic solitaire diamond ring. While choosing a diamond,  above 0.30ct, look for the diamond to be certified by IGI, GIA, or HRD as you get the assurance of quality diamonds. Diamonds certified by these authorities go through a stringent checking process as they have high-quality parameters. These certificates would list the 4 Cs of diamond quality which are as below.

 1. Carat

 2. Colour

 3. Clarity

 4. Cut

Choose the diamond which is rated at least  H on the colour scale with at least I1 clarity. Diamonds scoring on these standards have only minor impurities with a clear appearance instead of unseemly yellow. AËLRA JOAILLERIE has a vast collection of pure natural diamond jewellery including bracelets, earrings, chains, and rings among others.

Size of the Diamond

Either opt for a diamond ring with several small carat diamonds or go for a singular stone with a higher carat weight. . The price of the engagement ring depends on the carats, the higher the carats, the more the price increases. A fun fact, an engagement ring should  be worth three month’s salary. That means next time Jeff Bezos or Elon Musk proposes, their engagement rings could be worth hundreds of millions of Euros. Well, that’s something to think about!!

Setting and Shape of the Diamond

The cut of the diamond and its quality determines its brilliance. A round cut diamond possesses the greatest brilliance due to the 57 facets cut into it which reflect the light. Other cuts like ‘Princess Cut’ are exceptionally brilliant though more affordable than round cut diamonds while the baguette cut may have less brilliance than the above two. So, do compare the cuts before making the final choice. The diamond certifications also grade the quality of the cut through these standards written in a descending manner here.

 1. Excellent

 2. Very good

 3. Good

 4. Fair

 5. Poor

The diamond settings of the ring can be picked as per the cut of the diamond. Bezel setting for the ring is preferred if the person wearing is very active and if you wish that the diamonds appear bigger, then go for the cathedral setting.

Colour of the Diamond and Metal

Engagement rings having colourless diamonds are generally preferred. Diamonds are graded based on colour from D to Z, with the colour D diamond possessing the purest white colour and priced very high due to its rarity. For a more affordable yet fairly colourless option, choose an engagement ring with diamonds ranging from G to H grade. These are quite affordable and are nearly colourless with no visible difference to the naked eye. You can also opt for a diamond ring with a cluster of brown or black diamonds around the centre. This ring will definitely stand out from the others.

Now we come to the body of the ring. While white gold diamond engagement rings are very popular for their classic look, yellow and red gold diamonds are also being purchased increasingly. AËLRA JOAILLERIE has a vast collection of high-quality beautiful diamond rings in SI1,SI2, and I1 clarity in sparkling white, brown and black diamonds. The diamonds are set in 9, 14, and 18k gold alloy with the prong, channel, bezel, pave and flush settings, and also their combinations along with several other settings. These are beautiful pieces of art that you should consider before buying the engagement ring for your beloved. 

How to Find the Ring Size

Before buying the engagement ring do ensure the fitting of the ring. When buying online, first consult the size chart provided by the online retailer which provides the ring sizes. Take a thread or a thin measuring tape and measure the length of the ring finger with it. Now compare it with the size chart provided and you will get the exact ring size. Now order without any hesitation.

Can I buy a custom-made engagement ring?

For buying a custom-made engagement ring make an appointment at AËLRA JOAILLERIE’s physical store situated in the heart of the diamond district in Antwerp. Our diamond experts will be at your service and help you finalize the design, the diamonds, and the precious alloy to be used for constructing the ring. 


We sincerely hope that we have been able to help you in the quest to purchase the perfect diamond engagement ring for your soon-to-be better half. Please browse through our website for other related blogs and all your jewellery needs. We are here to serve. 


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