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What to Look for When Buying Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are sophisticated pieces of diamond and gemstone jewelry that can be paired with any outfit. These classic and timeless beauties can be worn for any occasion whether casual or formal. Let us know more about this unique diamond bracelet in the article below. 

 What is a Tennis Bracelet?

Tennis bracelets are the type of bracelets that have small diamonds or gemstones that are connected by a chain made of precious metals. To complement diamonds or gemstones studded in it, the metal is usually either 14K or 18K gold or platinum. The real name of these bracelets is ‘line diamond bracelets', but they are known popularly as tennis bracelets due to an interesting incident in the 1978 US Open. Tennis legend Chris Evert lost her line bracelet during a match which had to be suspended till her bracelet was found. Thereafter these diamond bracelets were nicknamed tennis bracelets and the name has stuck since then. 

What to Look for in a Diamond Tennis Bracelet?

1. Color and Clarity

A typical tennis bracelet features colorless diamonds but new designs featuring black and brown diamonds are coming into prominence. The all-black and brown diamonds wrapped around the wrist make for a marvelous appearance. Coming back to white diamonds, opt for natural mined diamonds between the color range of G-H of I1 and I2 clarity. The diamonds between this range are high quality, colorless, and appear clear to the naked eye and are affordable too. 

Though traditionally tennis bracelets only featured diamonds but bracelets set with diamonds and gemstones like rubies and sapphires make for beautiful and vibrant jewelry. The red and blue colored rubies and sapphires create an eye-catching contrast when combined with diamonds in a tennis bracelet. 

2. Bracelet Size

Diamond tennis bracelets should fit neatly around the wrist and should be neither too tight nor loose. To get the idea of the size simply use a flexible tape measure or wrap a piece of string around your wrist and measure its length. The length of tennis bracelets is easy to adjust. A jeweler can easily add or remove a link to fit your wrist perfectly. 

3. Choice of the Metal

Silver, gold, and platinum are the metals generally used for tennis bracelets. Among them, gold stands out as it comes in three colors of white, rose, and yellow. These three colors can be picked depending on the design, the diamonds used, and your skin tone. Yellow gold complements warm skin tones, white gold goes with cooler skin tones, and rose gold looks good with all types of skin tones. Yellow gold bracelets have a classic appeal, while white gold bracelets have a contemporary look. Rose gold bracelets paired with black or brown diamonds look gorgeous and amazing.

4. Uniformity of the Diamonds

It’s essential that the diamond tennis bracelet you want to purchase should have stones that look uniform and not stand apart from others. They should look the same to the naked eye. If the stones are not uniform, they will spoil the aesthetic appeal of the bracelet. 

5. Cut of the Diamonds

The most popular cut of diamonds for tennis bracelets is round cut brilliant. Other popular cuts include emerald and princess cuts. 

6. Safety Features

When choosing the tennis bracelet for yourself always check the links and the clasp. Links should not be weak and the clasp should not open easily and should not be easily visible. The ideal tennis bracelet appears like an endless line of diamonds. 


Settings Used in Tennis Bracelets

Settings of stones in diamond bracelets change their look considerably. The popular diamond settings for these bracelets are prong, bezel, and channel settings. 

Prong settings allow for the maximum reflection of light from the diamonds. Tennis bracelets generally use four-pronged settings for a secure fit.  

Bezel settings are the most secure settings as each gemstone is surrounded by a metal holding it in place. These are ideal if you have an active lifestyle.  

Channel settings make the diamonds look bigger. They allow for substantial reflection of light as the diamonds are secured from the bottom and at the edges.  


Diamond Bracelet Collection at AËLRA JOAILLERIE 

Featured below are some beautiful diamond and gemstone bracelets offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE. 

1. Eos Diamond and Ruby/Sapphire Bracelet

This uber-chic bracelet is made of 14K red and white gold with a total stone weight of 0.82 ct of high-quality natural diamonds with an option of rubies or blue sapphires.  

2. Marbella Diamond Bracelet 

This uniquely designed bracelet named after the Spanish coastal city comes in unique variations. Made of 14K white, rose and yellow gold you can have your pick of either white, brown, or black high-quality natural diamonds of a total stone weight of 1.00 ct. 

3. London Diamond Bracelet

 Named after the capital of the United Kingdom, this sparkling bracelet is made of 18K white gold with a total stone weight of 0.43 ct of premium quality natural white diamonds. 


So, these are some pointers to look out for when buying diamond tennis bracelets. Other than bracelets, AËLRA JOAILLERIE offers hand-crafted diamond and gemstone jewelry that includes rings, pendants, and earrings in classic, trendy and original designs. The jewelry is set in hallmarked red, white, and yellow gold made with high-quality natural diamonds and gemstones at affordable prices. 


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