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What You Need to Know About Diamond Necklaces?

Diamonds are the most desired among gemstones and diamond necklaces are one of the most coveted jewelry items. Wearing a diamond necklace raises your beauty and appeal many times over. You will get compliments and appreciative and even jealous glances while wearing a diamond necklace. A diamond necklace is a classic and versatile jewelry item that can be worn with any dress or outfit. In this article let us discuss in detail diamond necklaces that include the types of diamond necklaces, their popular settings, and what to consider before buying a diamond necklace.

Diamond Necklaces-Types

Diamond necklaces come in several types of designs. You can select the style as per your taste or for your loved ones. These look good on any occasion and are paired with all types of dresses. Let us look at some popular types of diamond necklaces.

1. Diamond Choker Necklace

A diamond choker necklace fits close around your neck. It is radiant and can be designed as lightweight or relatively heavier. Lightweight is best suited for daily wear while a heavy design choker necklace should be worn on formal occasions. 

2. Gold Diamond Necklace

A Gold Diamond Necklace has a predominance of gold with limited diamonds studded within. The price depends on the carats of the diamonds and gold used. 

3. Diamond Pendant Necklace

A diamond pendant necklace comes in varying designs and shapes. It has a diamond pendant that is suspended on a metal chain, which may be silver, gold, or platinum. These are versatile jewelry items that can be modified by replacing the chain as per the outfit worn.

4. White Gold Diamond Necklace

White gold diamond necklaces have pendants as well as a chain made of white gold. You can wear it on and off and it pairs well with all dresses. This type of necklace has a unique sparkle and radiance due to white gold matching with the brilliance of the diamonds. Yet it looks subtle too and not flashy. 

5. Yellow Gold Diamond Necklace

Yellow gold diamond necklaces have pendants as well as a chain made of yellow gold. They suit generally warmer skin tones and are used in creating classic designs.

6. Rose Gold Diamond Necklace

Rose gold diamond necklaces have pendants as well as a chain made of rose gold. They suit all types of skin tones and thus are one of the most popular options in diamond necklaces.

7. Solitaire Diamond Necklace

A solitaire necklace is a timeless jewelry piece that features a single diamond. It has been the ornament of choice for women for generations and its popularity has never abated. It looks good with every type of outfit and harmonizes gracefully with any surroundings.  

8. Diamond Necklace with Religious Motifs

These necklaces have pendants in the shape of religious motifs or protective symbols. These are meant to guide you spiritually, provide protection and ward off the evil eye. Popular motifs include the sign of the cross, cloverleaf, hamsa, or a figurine. These are supposed to provide you with peace, material wealth, good health and surround and imbibe you with positive energy.  

9. Heart Shaped Diamond Necklace

A heart-shaped necklace is shaped like the universal symbol of love. It is perfect for gifting to your beloved for showing your love and affection. 

10. Brown Diamond Necklaces 

Brown diamonds come in an assortment of shades such as rich brown and cognac. A brown diamond necklace looks unique, bold, and eye-catching. These look stunning whether used stand-alone or accented with colorless diamonds. 

11. Black Diamond Necklace 

Black diamonds get their color due to precipitated graphite inclusion during their formation. A black diamond necklace looks enigmatic, intriguing, and glamorous. These pair very well with all shades of white and black fabrics. A black diamond necklace endows charisma and a kind of mystic appeal to the wearer. 

12. Gemstone and Diamond Necklace

Diamonds pair perfectly with vibrant gemstones. The natural hues and vibrant colors of gemstones like rubies, topaz, tanzanite, emeralds, sapphires, aquamarine, etc. accentuate the shine and radiance of diamonds. Due to their variety of colors and hues, a wide range of combinations and designs of necklaces can be created. These are perfect gifts for those people who like diamonds but have an affinity for other gemstones. These can also be gifted as birthstone jewelry on birthdays.  

13. Other Designed Necklaces

Jewelry designers are a creative bunch. They create several original designs and other styles that may be inspired by classic designs or a combination of old and the new. Some of the noteworthy designs include butterfly, cloverleaf, initials, linear & angular designs among several others. 

14. Diamond Necklaces for Men 

Men also like to wear diamond jewelry especially necklaces and earrings. Performing artists including rappers and hip hop artists may prefer bling that includes oversized chains heavily encrusted with diamonds. Other fashion-conscious but stuck in regular jobs may prefer a thin chain with a small pendant safely tucked under the shirts.  

Things to Consider Before Buying a Diamond Necklace 

Take into account the below-mentioned pointers before deciding on a diamond necklace.

  1. Think about the style sense and fashion choice of the recipients before gifting a diamond necklace. If possible, ask them beforehand or research keeping their choice of clothes and jewelry in mind. 
  2. Consider the age of the wearer before deciding on the type of diamond necklace. Older women may prefer an elegant and sophisticated design while women working in a corporate environment will like a functional and easy-to-wear piece. Young adults may prefer a trendy and quirky style.
  3. Consider the material of the necklace too. Necklaces in gold are durable and affordable and come in three different colors of white, yellow, and rose gold thus suiting all skin tones.
  4. Research the reputation of the jeweler before buying. Reputed online jewelers like AËLRA JOAILLERIE only use natural mined and Kimberley certified diamonds. All the jewelry is hallmarked and comes with a certificate of authenticity of diamonds with secure payment getaways and easy returns and refunds.

How to Take Care of Your Precious Diamond Necklace

Diamonds are the hardest known substances on earth with hardness ranging at 10 on the Mohs hardness scale. But they may get scratches, blemishes or jewelry may get damaged if not cared for properly. Use the below-mentioned pointers to keep your precious diamond necklace sparkling and in top condition.

  1. Diamond necklaces and other jewelry should be kept separate. Do not keep them with other jewelry or accessories that may cause scratches or even chippings.
  2. Keep the diamond necklace separately in a fabric-lined jewel box.
  3. While wearing and removing the necklace do not pick them by holding the stones. It may loosen the diamonds from its settings.
  4. Keep diamond jewelry away from harsh chemicals, perfumes, sunscreens, or hairsprays. Remove them when swimming in pools. The chemicals and chlorine present in pools may erode the surface of the diamonds and also make the metal dull.
  5. Clean your diamond jewelry once a month with a solution of mild detergent and water or use a commercial jewelry cleaner. Use a soft toothbrush to dislodge any dirt. Be gentle while cleaning, pat dry with a soft cloth after cleaning is over. 
  6. The most important step in maintaining a diamond necklace is to restore it annually. Many jewelers offer an annual maintenance jewelry restoration package. This restoration includes checking and fixing loose settings, steam cleaning, scratch removal, and polishing the necklace. 
  7. Think about getting your diamond necklace appraised and insured every decade or even earlier as jewelry appreciates over time. This way you will get to know the real-time value of your diamond necklace and an insurance cover to go with it.  


You can never tire off diamond jewelry and a diamond necklace is the best gifting choice whether for a loved one or yourself. These are timeless jewelry pieces that never lose their charm and also appreciate over time. If you love diamond necklaces or like to acquire one for yourself or your loved ones, do browse through the beautiful collection of diamond and gemstone necklaces offered by AËLRA JOAILLERIE.


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